Thursday, March 1, 2018

No Heckling Allowed.

I know this can be a hot topic but I feel most will agree with me when I say...

There should be no heckling allowed at PGA Pro events or even your local city tournament for that matter!

I believe Justin Thomas was right in the decision he made to have a rowdy spectator removed from the Honda Classic tournament.

Personally I have always enjoyed the game of golf  because I always felt there was a bit more class, sophistication or mature level of expectations for players and enthusiasts.

Golf developed through it's long history as the "Gentleman's game" and now both gentlemen and ladies alike enjoy this wonderful sport from amature to professional levels.  

Having somebody heckle you just because you are a professional or they want to be "funny" as you are preparing for a shot or even worse in mid swing is just not cool.

As we face numerous changes in our society as to what is acceptable and what is now considered "politically correct" I hope this is not going to be the "new normal" for this or other professional sports.

You don't like a player? Why are you following them then? Go follow somebody you can encourage and enjoy watching the game for what it is.

Now I don't mind a little enthusiasm if you are yelling out "Nice Shot",  "In The Hole" or "You Got This" but please just make sure to say it after they make the shot!

Obviously there are some venues that are going to be more flexible for noise and distractions than others. The Waist Management Tournament a few weeks ago and the Pro/Am at Pebble beach to name the obvious ones.

So here is your chance to chime in ( Comment Below) on this particular issue. Are the Pro's and competitive players at various levels (who are playing for large amounts of prize money or opportunities for healthy sponsorships) asking too much from the fans and spectators that follow them to be quite?


Should they (the players) stop being so "uppity" and just play letting the spectators (who are paying to be there) just have fun?

Thank you for tuning in and I look forward to your opinions / comments.

Jeff Beeman
Blogger with a Golf Habit.

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  1. There is etiquette in all sports. For players and spectators